Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How To Easily Install Car Audio Video ICE

Driving on the streets of the capital which is often jammed very potential to cause stress. In addition to fuel wasteful and of course the cost of buying fuel to swell, also drain energy.

However, do not worry lots of ways to relieve stress while driving. Even in times of traffic congestion is really acute. One of them is to equip cars with entertainment devices.

"Currently, many modifications stream audio system that interests people, among others, SQ (Sound Quality), SQL or Loud Sound Quality, SPL or Sound Pressure Level, and ICE is in Car Entertainment.

However, the multiple streams of it, ICE is the most preferred. The reason, besides simple assembly process, the concept car that is suitable for everyday use.

This concept can be spelled out in a cost-effective because it is not too big but users are getting audio entertainment, visual comfort and quality.

Especially at this time various types, sizes, model TV player, also flooding the market. So the price is very competitive. In fact, in 2011 ICE style modification is expected to return epidemic in Indonesia.

Only, for the installation of various devices needed to produce quality sound and images are maximum required knowledge, choice of devices, as well as the accuracy of the installation.

So what can be known? Step what to do? Here, Rico share tips for you:

1. Identify the devices as needed.

Before determining the type of entertainment you need, you should recognize the device on the ICE entertainment.

There are at least seven components or devices that you must recognize. First, the head unit is the main device that consists of audio tape, DVD player, radio, communication equipment, and so forth. Second, monitor or screen, in the form of a TV screen, this device sold in the market.

Third, the processor is a device that serves to bridge the head unit with speaker function. Through the device's audio system installers often assembling in accordance with the wishes of consumers.

Fourth, the speaker or speakers. There are several types of speakers that are strung up to produce quality sound, among midrange, midbass and tweeter.

Fifth, an amplifier. These devices function as a voice signal processing devices, and the sound is processed and enlarged powers. Sixth, the subwoofer. These devices function to reproduce low frequency audio tone.

Seventh, the capacitor bank. This device served to stabilize the electric power to the car electrical system, to power the car did not come up short stun

2. Adjust the device with a capacity of cabin space

After learning a few devices are needed, estimate the space requirements for the arrangement of these devices and adjust the sound and image quality you want.

"We recommend that you consult with an installer, what kind of arrangement in accordance with the type of your car and how big the sound effects are generated," advises Rico.

You need to know, to place the subwoofer and speakers need to be made boxes. Usually reserved for the use of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) are size 15 milli-meter (mm). As for the upholstery is adjusted by coating a car seat or dashboard.

3. Understand the advantages and disadvantages subwoofer

There are several types of subwoofers are now often used by the modifier. However, each has advantages and disadvantages. In order to get the sound right, you should consult with an installer, which one best suits your type of car.

a. Sealed Box

Subwoofer uses a calculation of volume to help reduce or control the changes. In addition to having a small box, large energy released, appropriate response, as well as easy to make.

b. Vented

Box using a hole which serves to increase low frequency output, so that very little sound distortion. Only, no control frequency tuning and making difficult crib.

c. Infinite Baffle

This type is attached to the surface by separating the wave front with the back so it does not require a large size. Only, the sound is limited, making it difficult to reinforce the front wave from the rear. These devices are suitable for sedan cars.

d. Isobaric

Subwoofer consists of two subwoofers and two amplifiers attached to the opposite cord. The surplus, the small size so that the distortion in a low voice. However, low efficiency because they have to menggabungan two subwoofers.

e. Reflex bandpass

Subwoofer is similar to a sealed box. These devices consist of a single reflex bandpass and dual reflex bandpass. However, high voice distortion, easily damaged and difficult manufacturing process.

4. Make sure the electrical system safe

Although from the aspect of power, electric cars do not come up short you are guaranteed thanks to the use of capacitor banks, but make sure the arrangement of electrical wires safe. The reason is, with greater power thanks to the capacitor bank is not the risk is also greater when the installation is safe?

Therefore, make sure no wires are not wrapped up neatly. Make sure also that the electrical cable connection is completely secure. For the sake of security cable should be wrapped with fuel hose and spiral hose at an audio store.

Do not forget, use a fuse in the power cable connection from the battery to the amplifier. While the cable connection to the speakers sebaiknnya using tin solder. In addition to safe, strong connections to make the sound produced by the constant sound audio devices.

That's the easy tips for installing audio video entertainment devices in your car.

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