Sunday, May 29, 2011

LG 47LW5700 3D Television with flicker-free Technology Images

A year had a three-dimensional television (3D TV) circulating in the market. Relatively new technology that allows owners of 3D TV 3D play movies from Blu-ray, watching television programs such as 3D Sky 3D, and 3D gaming.

During the year that growth was not as good as 3D TV early occurrence of Flat-TV. But, according to research firm IHS iSupply, this year predicted absorption of the 3D TV market will increase fivefold. The reason, the price of 3D TV that continues to decline and the features and functions offered by the more complete 3D TV.

IHS iSupply also expects this year's number of outstanding 3D TV will grow from 4.3 million units to 23.4 million units. Of that number three big players 3D TV, such as LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, and Sony will still dominate the market.

One of the 3D TV that will enliven the market this year is the LG 47LW5700. Unlike the traditional LCD TVs, which still use cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) as the lamp base, LG 47LW5700 wear plus LED backlight technology. As a result, the displayed image is very beautiful and bright.

Thanks to LED LG 47LW5700 also very slender body with a thickness of 30.9 millimeters, which makes this TV look very stylish and not take up much space. When viewed from the side, LG 47LW5700 like a thin board swept piano black.

LG 47LW5700 a passive 3D TV tech FPR (Film patterned Retarder), who was adopted from the big screen in theaters. Compared with 3D TV is on, this type is superior because flicker-free picture.

3D glasses price is cheaper. Because it is passive, LG 3D glasses do not use batteries. Weighing be 50 percent lighter than the active 3D glasses. There are four glasses included in the package.

Unfortunately, all these 3D glasses the same size and can not set position when worn. As a result, when the kids want to watch a 3D animated movie favorite, for example, these glasses are sometimes disturbing due to its size does not fit for them.

The resulting 3D images are very impressive. Detailed images so clear and as we are in the object. So real. Graph structure of the picture also looks like the rise and without a flicker.

One of the interesting features of LG 47LW5700 is its ability to convert 2D images into 3D. Indeed, the film is taken with 2D techniques seen not as a special film taken with a 3D camera.

Even so, at least the resulting picture remains clear. This is because LG has equipped with LED-edgelit TV with the process of blurring the image to produce a deeper black color.

For image mode, LG 47LW5700 offers seven choices, namely Intelligent Censor, Vivid, Standard (Users), Cinema, Game, Expert 1 and Expert 2. Vivid is the most promising. Meanwhile, the Standard mode can be set in accordance with the wishes of the user. The Intelligent Sensor mode to save power or energy.

LG 47LW5700 classified Smart TV, which is television that is able to change the entertainment experience at home. In one TV can display all kinds of entertainment, ranging from broadcast television, of course, 3D movies, games, and Internet.

Exploring the virtual world becomes more easy and fun. Similarly, open e-mail Yahoo! or update the status on Facebook and Twitter, can be done while watching television. All that can be controlled through the Magic Motion Remote Control.

When watching movies in 2D format, no privileges are offered. But when play 3D movie format, LG 47LW5700 featuring a new dimension in television viewing. The quality of the displayed image is very sharp and, most importantly this, flicker-free, so do not make the eyes tired quickly.

Display: 47 inch
Type screen: LED Plus
Full HD TV: Yes
Contrast Ratio: 8.000.000:1
HDMI Ports: 4
USB 2.0 Port: 2
3D (SG / CINEMA): Cinema
2D to 3D/3D to 2D: Yes
Flicker-free: Yes
Web Browser: Yes
Wi-Fi: Yes
Weight: 17.9 pounds
Dimensions: 1109 x 684 x ​​30.9 mm
Electricity: 100 - 240V 50/60Hz
Power: 150 Watt
Standby (off mode): 0.1 Watt

Awesome 3D Display
Flicker-free 3D glasses
Color is very much alive
Includes Smart TV
Can record live TV

Dominant treble voice
3D vertical narrow viewpoint

Performance: ********* 9 / 10
Design: ********* 9 / 10
Features: ********* 9 / 10
Total: ********* 9 / 10

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