Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pioneer DV-420V-K Multi-format DVD Player with HDMI, USB and CD->USB Recording (Black)

A universal player: all your movies, music and photos are welcome.

Immerse yourself in high-quality digital video and audio. The DV-420V’s advanced upscaling adds a new dimension to your DVDs by elevating sharpness, colour and contrast to create 1080p levels of detail.

A speedy 1.4x quick scan mode increases convenience in searching for scenes or re-viewing disc chapters.

MP3 Encorder: CD to USB rippingPlays DivX filesPlay back music, DivX video and high resolution photo files stored on a USB memory device: the DV-420V has a front USB port.

Create MP3s from your CD collection; the DV-420V includes an MP3 encoder, making CD ripping to your USB device quick and easy.

And with our Sound Retriever technology, compressed music files will be enhanced to match the quality of the original source as closely as possible.

The DV-420V supports the KURO LINK connectivity feature: the remote control of your KURO flat
screen TV is all you need to control the main functions of the player.

* This player is also available in silver.

Source : pioneer

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